Quotes from Leading Dentists & Consultants
on The Exceptional Dental Practice

“Every once in a while a clinician, teacher and mentor comes along who inspires greatness in those whom he comes into contact. Bill Lockard is one of those individuals. His relentless drive to be excellent has long been a touch point for Pankey Institute participants and faculty. His ability to create magnificent dentistry with his patients and then to create desire in others to achieve like results is truly a mark of a master dentist. This book is no different than the way Bill has lived his life. It speaks to what drives those of us who aspire to reach higher than weve yet been and is a must for the library of any dentist who wishes for long term predictable success! Thanks Bill!”

Steve Ratcliff, DDS, MS
Chairman, Department of Education
The Pankey Institute

“Bill Lockard has a real winner in this fun to read book. When I started reading the manuscript, I had to keep going. It’s going to be an exceptional addition to the dental literature. It should be on every dentist’s must read list.”

Peter E. Dawson, D.D.S.
St. Petersburg, Florida

“Dr. Lockard, a master dentist, has written a comprehensive book that is needed in our profession now more than ever as too many have forgotten the higher calling of a great profession to enhance the quality of anothers life. The first four chapters are worth the price of the book, regardless of the price! This book is magnificently arranged, inspiring, provocative, yet provides concrete how toes that the reader will return to again and again. I particularly enjoyed your discussion of vision one of my favorite subjects. Your subsequent chapters, especially the New Patient Experience, are equally valuable.You have created a have to have reference for the aspiring Tier IV dentist.”

Bob Frazer, Jr. DDS
R. L. Frazer & Associates, Inc.
Austin, Texas

“When I was Clinical Director at The Pankey Institute, I observed how dentists really learned from Dr. Lockard. He has a way of motivating others to action. In those years at Pankey, I have not observed many who have applied the principles and practices of the Pankey Philosophy in both life and practice. But Dr. Lockard certainly has. The beauty of his book is that it shows in written form how he did apply these principles in a practical, systems approach that dentists will certainly learn from. This is a book that needs to be in the library of and, more importantly, used on regular basis by any dentist who embraces the Pankey Philosophy.”

Greg Tarantola, DDS.
Miami, Florida

“All dentists who are serious about mastering their profession will find the contents of this book an invaluable resource. Most importantly, their patients will benefit immediately from your 52 years of extraordinary care both clinically and interpersonally. Thank you Bill, for being a beloved mentor, and for your willingness to share your exceptional skills, systems and character through The Exceptional Dental Practice. I look forward to recommending it as a must read for every student who attends class at the Dawson Center.”

DeWitt Wilkerson, DMD
The Dawson Center, St. Petersburg, Florida

“My definition of a Leader is a person who is willing and able to influence behavior; their own first and then others, toward a preferred future. Bills leadership, masterfully expressed in this book, presents a Philosophy and many Processes that an intentional dentist can use as a roadmap to their Preferred Future. Especially if their Preferred Future includes owning, operating, managing, and developing a uniquely individualized, values-driven, relationship-based, fee for service, private practice, dedicated to Excellence, they only need to add their Discipline to the mix; not only insightful but doable!”

Richard A. Green, DDS, MBA
Sanibel, Florida

“Many years ago I had the good fortune to practice with Dr. Lockard. As a relatively new practicing dentist, I wondered what the secret to his success was. He shared with me an answer that has since affected every part of my life Having a vision of the end product, attention to detail and a clear philosophy are essential. His book is a true gem. It gives relevant insight, meaningful personal stories and practical lessons that reveal the secret to his success. It ties together the factors he shared with me many years ago. As an educator, I highly recommend this as a must read. As a person looking for insight to improve the quality of life, I find this an equally valuable read.”

Michael C. Fling, DDS
Fling Seminars
Edmond, Oklahoma

“Bill has found a way of sharing, not only his thoughts and experience in The Exceptional Dental Practice, but also, an encyclopedic resource of information from others. This book is designed to benefit every dentist no matter the experience or skill level. It can model the methodology of building and enhancing any practice. His practical knowledge and specific examples of how to make this a valuable guide for dentist and staff. Bill Lockard stands out as one of the few who walks it as well as he talks it and now he has written it.”

Tallon H. Brown, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist, Carbondale, Illinois

“This powerfully comprehensive book is a marvelous contribution to the practice of dentistry through the authors wide-ranging insights on philosophy, human behavior, systems, and clinical dentistry. This wonderful book is also about living a life of integrity, fulfillment, and achievement. Bill Lockards wisdom is a gift to his profession.”

Doug & Marlyn Young
Professional Speaking & Team Teaching
Parker, Colorado

“Congratulations on this outstanding book. As a CPA and Certified Valuation Analyst, it is good to see someone write a book for the dentist that deals with the nuts and bolts of dentistry from the technical side to the business side as well. This should be read by senior students before they go into private practice as well as experienced dentists. I like to say to accounting students that they learn all the great techniques in school but when you go to work for a firm you learn about street accounting. You have certainly written a fine piece not only on the technical side that they learn in school but also street dentistry. Thank you for writing The Exceptional Dental Practice.”

W. Paul Woody, CPA, CVA, EA
Member of Academy of Dental CPAs
Edmond, Oklahoma

“It is nice to have someone like you to give such personal examples of your experiences especially ones that many of your readers are likely to have. My initial sense is that this could/should be a reference book that all new dentists and business managers should have at their disposal. There is no doubt that you have managed to create a resource that equally values money and a life worth living.”

Troy E. Jones, CFP
Edmond, Oklahoma

“Congratulations on this book! What a wonderful read to inspire our profession. It certainly shows the passion and love that you have had for dentistry all these years. Please let me know how my clients can order this book.”

Betsy Wheat
Business Consultant
Plano, Texas