Practice Philosophy

A philosophy of practicing dentistry based on concepts and principles that have stood the test of time.

The exceptional practice is values-based with a purpose-driven vision and a commitment to personal and professional growth to higher standards of service and technical excellence. It is a process that must be dynamic, creative, and adaptive; the sum of everyones energy and input. The strength of the organization is no stronger than the power of the shared values and personal relationships within the team. Technical excellence and those relationships of the team when shared with patients will have more impact on the success of a practice than any other factors.

The dentist seeking fulfillment and financial security must become a master technician to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for aesthetics; to resolve the complicated interdisciplinary restorative case, and treat TMJ disorders. The dentist also must have the organizational expertise to ensure that every system functions efficiently and effectively. He/she must have the psychological awareness to understand and deal with the needs, feelings, and concerns of patients and team; also develop the managerial skills to create a caring and committed team with a shared purpose dedicated to helping people improve the quality of life.

The atmosphere of a dental office encompasses a total experience from the first telephone call to the parking lot, through the reception room and into the treatment room, with interaction between the patient and the team along the way. The patients experience is determined by the nature of the teamwork in the office. When patients feel a positive, caring, and helpful attitude from the entire team combined with an atmosphere of warmth, understanding and a commitment to excellence, they feel comfortable and reassured. The first step in developing DENTAL MISSIONARIES.

The empowered team is essentially a philosophy based on shared values, trust, and unity of purpose, relationships, and a commitment to personal and professional growth. It is very important that the attitudes, actions and activities of everyone in the office are congruent with the values, purpose and motivating spirit of the organization. Each dental office must develop its own unique style. The dentist and staff must deal with values, concepts of patient management and standards of technical excellence in developing their philosophy of treatment.

To achieve consistently predictable standards of excellence, systems are developed that clearly define the goals and acceptable standards. The systems are rehearsed providing a structure and a process that creates synergistic and empowered team who understand what to do, how to do it, when to do it and, most important, why to do it.