Outstanding Features in Book

This is not your typical practice management book.
This empowering philosophy changes lives – It is the Art of Practicing Dentistry.

Guided by a purpose-driven vision and values-based philosophy, Dr. Lockard provides clear examples of five different leadership styles throughout the chapters of The Exceptional Dental Practice – visionary, directive, democratic, coaching, and empowering. These principles will guide readers in developing their exceptional dental practice by empowering team members to achieve their full potential and helping patients choose a life of oral health, comfortable function and aesthetics.

Readers starting or mid-way on their journey will discover seven systems for creating the practice of their dreams. Dr. Lockard provides insights on the discipline, attention to detail, and philosophy necessary when combining human behavior and clinical dentistry to enhance the quality of anothers life.

The Exceptional Dental Practice is an exceptional guide for your journey. It is an energizing study to use the text, one chapter at a time, at monthly team meetings with open discussion on how you might utilize the information in your own setting. Positive growth takes place when your team participates in the decision making process.

Take the next step to your Exceptional Practice today-

Outstanding features include contributions from Pete Dawson, Michael Fling, Richard Green, John Kois, Lloyd Miller, Frank Spear, and Paul Woody PLUS the following:

  • The importance of a balanced life in harmony with Work, Play, Love, and Worship.
  • Create your Vision with a Defined Purpose and a Value-based Philosophy.
  • The art of listening is the Power of Influence.
  • Realize the power of your self-image, attitude, and personal growth.
  • Never treat a stranger – discover their behavioral profile.
  • How to hire the right people.
  • Build a great team – self-managed people committed to personal growth – shared vision for the practice.
  • Self-Managed Team responsibilities.
  • The hygiene continuing care program that develops missionaries – power of trusting relationships.
  • Effective communications using persuasive verbal skills for each behavioral profile.
  • Effective telephone verbal skills.
  • Develop the Power of Trust the cornerstone of your practice.
  • The New Patient Experience the critical first impressions.
  • Co-discovery Interview build trust clarify patients wants and concerns.
  • Co-diagnostic Clinical Examination create awareness signs and symptoms – educate.
  • Diagnostic Treatment Consultation increase treatment acceptance using the Science of Influence.
  • Post-treatment Consultation developing a Dental Missionary.
  • Six Mandates of Restorative Dentistry.
  • Remarkable systems synergistic team functions predictable and consistent excellence.
  • Principles of crown preparation – exceptional provisional restorations.
  • The importance of comfortable occlusion analysis and equilibration.
  • Higher income and net profit prioritize dental procedures fewer patients.
  • Maximize practice financial security diagnose the vital signs, establish fees, signs of embezzlement.